Jambo Mobile ties up with two partners

Interactive television programming and online dating. Will Jambo Mobile's deals with Lavalife and GameTV 'vault' them to the top?

Toronto-based Jambo Mobile Solutions has signed a strategic partnership with Lavalife for putting the dating site’s content on the small screen, and a recent agreement with Insight Sports will get the mobileco involved with TV screens through GameTV.

Derek van der Plaat, CEO of SilverBirch (which owns Jambo), says the deal with Lavalife ‘vaults us into the top tier of mobile text and content provisioning companies in Canada.’ The deal covers both Canada and the US markets. Lavalife CEO Marina Glogovac says the company feels Jambo ‘will become a long-term partner in discovering new mobile products, improving Lavalife Mobile’s current content offerings and arming us with premier message handling across both Canada and the USA.’

The deal with GameTV will allow viewers to participate with the new channel’s on-air contests and promos via mobile phones. That partnership will lead to a series of interactive TV initiatives. Jambo Mobile VP strategy Derek Colfer says the company is thrilled to be ‘working with a client that understands the true potential of mobile media as it relates to television.’ One of GameTV’s first interactive contests is the channel’s Watch & Win promotion, airing in prime time every evening, which gets viewers submitting answers to on-air questions via text messaging.

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