ING Direct catches US attention with mega OOH

The virtual bank transformed a Manhattan building into a stack of cash and a city block in Philly into a life-sized board game.

Toronto-based GWP Brand Engineering has executed two eye-catching OOH campaigns for ING Direct in the US.

In Philadelphia on Friday, the virtual bank brand’s AOR for both Canada and the States transformed a full city block into a life-sized branded board game. Passersby were greeted by mascots Wally the Wallet, Annie the Free ATM and Dolly the Dollar Bill, and given a chance to play by moving around the squares, ultimately arriving at the ING Direct café for free coffee, Wi-Fi and information about ING. Four people were chosen to play for a chance to have $5,000 US deposited into a ING Direct savings account.

‘Philadelphia has really high awareness about ING Direct,’ says GWP project manager Kristen Vekteris. ‘It’s been in that market for a long time, so they wanted to do something fresh and new.’

The event was pre-promoted in the ING Direct café, and area customers also received email alerts. Chicago-based event company Marketing Werks brought the promo to life, while ING Direct’s US media AOR – New York-based Horizon Media – handled radio remotes installed at the site.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, GWP virtually wrapped a building in a stack of greenbacks to promote the opening of an ING Direct branch – called a café – on the site later this month. Along with what looked like a huge pile of bills was the tagline: ‘Turn your money into big money.’ In a brash little twist, the American bills were edited to read ‘In Savings We Trust.’ The wrap was unveiled on the high-traffic day of the ING New York City Marathon. GWP worked directly with ING Direct and the building’s property management company to arrange the promotion.

GWP also won the ING Insurance business at the end of November, taking on a consulting role focusing on introducing the brand to the B2B market.