Storm breaks online record for Weather Network

Millions of people went online to check the weather as the major winter storm hit Ontario and Quebec last weekend. Time to think about some weather-triggered ads?

The major winter storm that swept through Ontario and Quebec on the weekend resulted in record levels of traffic for and It was the network’s single largest day in terms of content delivery.

In a 24-hour period on Sunday, the two sites delivered 11.6 million pages of weather content (8.7 million over and three million over The usual daily average for both sites is 3.5 million, based on the past year. ComScore data indicates that an average of almost 7.2 million Canadians visit those sites per month.

The two websites offer advertisers online media placement opportunities based on weather-triggered events. Additional reach and frequency can be achieved by placing online ads to coincide with active weather across Canada.

‘Our brand is relied on for delivering accurate and timely weather information to Canadians,’ said Taylor Emerson, vice-president & general manager of Pelmorex Interactive Services, the Oakville, Ontario-based company that owns The Weather Network. ‘Although we see significant spikes in traffic during storm events, our websites consistently deliver among the highest reach of Canadian online audiences throughout the year.’

The two specialty television networks are among the most widely distributed and frequently consulted television networks in Canada.