Toronto leads continent in Facebook subscribers

A new report says Hogtown is the first North American city to crack the million mark, and that uptake by Canadians doubled in the past three months.

Not only is Toronto the first city in North America to have a million Facebook subscribers, according to a new survey, but nearly half of the entire online Canadian population has signed onto the social networking site.

Enthusiasm revved up so much recently, say Calgary-based ZINC Research and partner Dufferin Research, that the number of Canuck subscribers doubled in the past three months, bringing the total to more than 7 million. The majority of domestic Facebook users are aged 18-34.

’2007 is the year that Facebook took Canada by storm,’ says ZINC managing director Brian F. Singh. ‘In just over one year, there are now over seven million subscribers. This is phenomenal growth, and there is no indication that this is slowing down soon. Canadians love the Facebook platform for its simplicity and ability to connect with and stay in contact with friends and family. They also appear to accept that this is the site for social networking.’

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