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Internet usage boosts radio value: report

Advertisers who use radio to drive listeners to their websites dramatically improve purchase intent, according to a report commissioned by the Radio Marketing Bureau.

‘Advertisers who effectively couple the emotion, immediacy and reach of radio with the information capacity of the Internet are far more likely to meet or exceed their sales goals,’ says Chris Bandak, president of Foundation Research Group – which recently conducted a study for the Radio Marketing Bureau.

‘Over the past few years, we’ve seen some significant growth in the marketing power of radio when combined with the Internet,’ he explains. ‘A clever spot plays on the radio and provides a web address to get more information. Listeners use that URL to go clicking around for more info and the majority end up purchasing your product.’

The study found that 57% of radio listeners said they go to a website for more information based on an ad they hear, and nearly 60% of that group said they ultimately end up making a purchase. Additional data corroborating the strength and compatibility of radio and the Internet includes:

• While total daily media time decreased in 2007 vs. 2006, time spent with radio and the Internet increased 5% and 17% respectively.

• 39% of Canadian adults listen to radio while on-line.

• 41% of adults have typed a website address into their browser after hearing it on radio, up 6 percentage points versus last year’s survey.

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