Edmonton’s ‘Succeed Sooner’ campaign aimed at T.O. students

How are you gonna keep 'em down in the GTA after they've seen the advantages of starting careers in the Alberta capital? That's the idea behind a feisty initiative by DDB Edmonton.

Higher starting salaries, shorter commutes and a host of other reasons for starting careers in Alberta’s capital, rather than the GTA, are being touted in a campaign launched yesterday by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Economic Development Corp., plus 18 other regional stakeholders.

Created by DDB Canada-Edmonton, which is also handling media buys, the ‘Succeed Sooner’ initiative is targeting more than 300,000 at seven post-secondary schools in the Toronto area. In a series of witty wild postings, they are being urged to visit the campaign’s anchor website for information on jobs, housing and quality of life in Edmonton. The campaign site has been linked to www.edmonton.com/jobs, where a customized version of wowjobs.ca provides direct access to all posted jobs in Greater Edmonton.

Supporting the initiative, which runs until April 4, are street teams that interact with students on campus and at ‘Meet Ed Parties’ to provide more information about working and living in Edmonton. As well, the integrated campaign is using online social media popular with post-secondary students. Tribal DDB- Vancouver created the microsite, while DDB Toronto is organizing the street teams and campus parties.