Shreddies spoof takes on life of its own

A jokester from BC is continuing the brand's amusing marketing shtick by auctioning on eBay what he's calling the last square-shaped Shreddie in the world.

Breakfast may never be the same now that square Shreddies are, ostensibly, all but gone from Planet Earth.

Only one originally shaped Shreddie remains, according to a jokester from Surrey, BC, known only as ‘ggould747.’ He or she is currently auctioning the surviving whole-wheat goodie on eBay – billing it as ‘a matchless piece of cereal history’ for sentimental Shreddies lovers looking to cling to shades of breakfasts past.

‘When I poured my last bowl of my favourite cereal a few weeks ago,’ ggould747 declares in the sale-item description box, ‘it occurred to me to save one small morsel of the traditional breakfast fare. However, I have recognized that it is time to let go of my cherished square Shreddie.’

The eBay caper is very much in keeping with the light-hearted marketing pitch that broke last month for the Kraft Canada cereal. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the campaign touts Shreddies’ purportedly radical redesign to a dramatic diamond shape. In reality, of course, regular-shaped Shreddies were merely rotated to appear, as it were, en pointe.

Bidding on the last specimen of the ‘endangered’ square Shreddie closes on April 26 and, by press time, 11 bidders had driven the price to $1.50. If that number rises significantly, ggould747 plans to ask the victorious bidder to donate the money to charity.