New ‘PrinterStitials’ gaining attention for innovation

Publishers and advertisers are catching on to a new way to monetize the printing of web pages.

A Denver-based company called Format Dynamics has introduced an innovation in the display ad market – an advertising solution dubbed ‘PrinterStitials.’ Using the company’s CleanPrint platform, a web publisher can deliver new ad inventory to consumers who are printing out hard copies of web pages.

The service eliminates items such as navigation bars and dynamic ads, allowing the user to print out a news or magazine article in a way that presents editorial and advertising more like a magazine page. The company reports that the ads can be targeted like any other online ad.

Publishers using CleanPrint can track which pages are being printed out most often – using the PrintTracker analytical tool – and provide that data to potential advertisers. About 80 publishers have signed on for the service, including The Denver Post and The Houston Chronicle.