‘Bite-size’ factual series to bow on Discovery

General Motors of Canada has signed on to sponsor Cooler Facts while showcasing its new Pontiac G8.

With General Motors of Canada as sponsor, Cooler FactsDiscoveryChannel.ca‘s first original commission – will premiere online on Wed., June 18 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

The first of 38 animated short films that comprise the series are Space Junk and Animals that Bite, which explain, respectively, the problem of orbiting garbage in space and our world’s dangerous creatures. The four weeks of programming are billed as ‘a kaleidoscopic, encyclopedic, fast-paced animated ride through the most unbelievable but true science facts known to humankind.’

Discovery HD will get in on the action on July 18 at 8 pm ET/ 5pm PT, when Cooler Facts will begin airing in a half-hour format.

An intensive online advertising campaign, designed in-house at CTV, will promote the new series across the network’s properties including CTV.ca, TSN.ca, MTV.ca, MuchMusic.com, BNN.ca, TheComedyNetwork.ca, DiscoveryChannel.ca, DiscoveryHD.ca, DiscoveryCivilization.ca, TravelandEscape.ca and AnimalPlanet.ca websites.