CTV inviting viewers to star in promos

They won't end up on TV posing with the net's bouncing-red-ball logo, but they will receive DVDs of their performances, plus possible web fame.

CTV has come up with an interactive use for that bouncing-red-ball logo we see so many of its series stars interacting with.

This summer, attendees of various events in Toronto and Vancouver will be invited by a fleet of street teams to cavort with the ball in front of a green screen. Their performances aren’t destined for television glory, but each will receive a DVD record of their star experience, and their clip might be posted online. The initiative’s website will also feature blogs and photos taken by the summer street teams, who’ll be doing their thing until Sept. 1.

‘The ‘Live the Drama’ campaign really takes CTV’s interactive and promotional efforts to a new level,’ explains Rick Lewchuk, SVP, CTV creative agency and brand strategy. ‘Residents of Toronto and Vancouver can explore their creative side, shoot footage to prove they are CTV’s next stars and, at the same time, learn about all our great new shows coming this Fall.’