New Cossette unit to focus on digital strategies

Announced this morning, Bloom Digital Platforms will operate out of the agency's Montreal office to 'connect brands with consumers' using tools developed over the past year.

The Cossette Communication Group announced this morning that Montreal-based Bloom Digital Platforms is now ready to start using tools it’s been developing over the past year to ‘connect brands with consumers.’

Since last October, the unit has been devising new ways to engage consumers, including four product development streams: online advertising platforms, brand reputation technologies, media widgets and mobile applications.

‘Digital has become central to communications, and brands need new ways to connect and interact with consumers,’ explains Pierre Delagrave, president, media, research and interactive services. ‘Bloom’s platforms will enable brands to reach hyper-fragmented audiences, generate and measure engagement and adapt to emerging models of online advertising.’

Delagrave adds that Bloom’s services will build on existing Cossette platforms including AdCentric, a proprietary technology for targeting, controlling and measuring online advertising. In addition to developing technology internally, Bloom is licensing technology components and pursuing development partnerships where appropriate.

‘By working more closely with media companies and technology providers, Bloom will help great brands engage with consumers in the niche media environments where people are increasingly spending their time, says Bloom president Yves Poiré. ‘The resulting data and relationships will yield the digital marketing models of the future.’

Bloom’s technology and media platforms will serve both existing Cossette clients and those outside of the current client base. Some of the group’s consumer-focused products will be offered exclusively to Cossette clients, in conjunction with strategy and services from Cossette’s digital business units. Others are designed as business-to-business offerings and will serve the needs of a larger range of players in the marketing and media industries.