Bald Media launches human media

New out-of-home 'baldvertising' turns heads.

Spanking new Bald Media is heading to the streets of Toronto to reach consumers in a bare new way. Launched quietly last week, the company offers ‘heads that turn heads,’ a human media platform that offers advertisers the canvas of shaven heads. The Toronto-based co is already gaining the attention of clients looking to open offices as far away as Norway.

‘Guerrilla marketing is huge right now,’ Ronnie Lebow, president and founder of Bald Media, tells MiC. ‘Everyone is straying away from television, and print is on the decline because of the web, so anything you can do to get into people’s faces right now just seems to work.’

Lebow, an award-winning art director and copywriter who has been working in the ad industry since 1994, came up with the concept when he noticed a growing trend in advertiser interest. ‘It’s a strong way to get a company’s message across in today’s world of limited attention spans,’ he explains.

Offering clients full-colour air-brushing and temporary tattoo services, Bald Media’s models’ heads provide a unique canvas for customized logos, products, services and messages, or to simply create brand awareness. Whether manning product displays, handing out samples and flyers or serving liquor promotions, the walking billboards can reach consumers in a wide variety of venues from grand openings, concerts and supermarkets to transit stations, street festivals and shopping centres.

Lebow plans to announce the new platform this week, after topping up the company’s growing roster of bald models.