Media auditors get their own guidebook

The new publication is helping advertisers understand key media auditing issues, and offers guidelines and best practices.

The new publication, called Media Auditing: A Guidebook on Best Practices for the Canadian Market, aims to help advertisers, agencies and auditors understand key media auditing issues. It offers guidelines and best practices that will bring about improvement in media processes and products.

The book was written by media management consultant David Chung in consultation with the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA), Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC), Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) and Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies (AAPQ).

The associations believe that the benefits of the audit process serve to enrich media practices, which will increase the value offering by agencies and result in better ROI for marketers.

The guidebook is also available online to members of the ACA, CDMC, ICA and AAPQ on their respective websites.