Dove launches Facebook app

Pay Beauty Forward leverages new Facebook features to help build viral awareness about self-esteem issues.

Dove has launched its first Facebook application, Pay Beauty Forward, playing off the pass-it-on, Pay It Forward theme. The app acts as a consumer-generated viral that encourages esteem-building compliments.

Pay Beauty Forward is one of the first Facebook apps globally to incorporate the new Facebook features. ‘We really took advantage of the new Facebook functionalities, look and feel to build the Dove application,’ Mark Jordan, account director, digital, Capital C, tells MiC. ‘It builds on what Facebook has always offered, giving consumers control. Facebook is where you connect with people. The apps that are most successful are the ones that play with that.’

Pay Beauty Forward allows users to send Facebook friends e-flowers with messages like ‘You’re beautiful, pass it on,’ designed to create a viral chain reaction, and is part of a larger integrated Pay Beauty Forward campaign that includes an in-store T-shirt promo, as well as an online challenge on Dove’s site, asking consumers what they would do to Pay Beauty Forward. Winners get $500 to make it a reality.