Nokia launches B2B Sauna Talk for gaming industry

The campaign includes a faux 'tech talk show' to raise awareness of Nokia's N-Gage.

Nokia’s Global B2B campaign Sauna Talk, with creative and media buys handled by Vancouver-based Noise Digital, launched earlier this week with a microsite and video interview segments on gaming industry sites, to engage developers and raise awareness about Nokia’s global gaming software platform N-Gage.

The microsite,, features a steamy sauna ‘tech talk show’ that addresses tech-related topics in a humorous tone and pokes fun at the ‘not so technical’ host, Arnold Faber.

Also included in the campaign is the Sauna Talk Trivia Challenge, hosted on for 12 months. As part of the contest, participants must answer skill-testing questions about the platform to win Sauna Talk merchandise, including a Nokia N81 8GB device. The site, which has 350,000 impressions per month on its home page, also features banner ads for the contest and sponsored features.

Nokia will continue to reach the gaming biz via for an additional nine months, a flight of print ads will hit Game Developer Magazine, while (sister site to is also driving traffic to the contest.