Mobile marketing to consumers? Only if they say so

Version 2.0 of Vancouver-based Quickmobile's mobile marketing platform gives control back to consumers.

With the implementation of Canada’s Do Not Call List, marketers are looking for different ways of speaking to consumers without getting under their skin. Vancouver-based QuickMobile’s newly updated contextual mobile marketing platform will allow them to do just that.

Version 2.0 of the platform enables the creation of tailor-made, permission-based campaigns that send personalized, timely and relevant messages to match consumers’ wants and needs.

‘QuickMobile is giving control back to the user,’ says Vasudha Goel, director of marketing for QuickMobile.

The new platform builds on its predecessor with enhanced tools, including improved security, double opt-in services and automatic start and end functionality. Consumers can control the kind of information they receive on their mobile device – and when they receive it.

‘Our objective is to treat end users with the intelligence and respect they deserve when it comes to marketing and being marketed to,’ explains Goel.

Version 2.0 also includes two brand new tools. Mobile polling measures audience response by receiving survey answers via SMS that can then be displayed via a web-based dashboard. Mobile results is an analytics tool that allows for campaign assessment and optimization to improve ROI.

QuickMobile client Banff Lake Louise Tourism is currently using version 2.0 as part of a campaign to promote its Winterfest. An engagement tool on its website encourages people to sign up to receive notice of special events and promotions taking place during the festival. A text is sent to consumers to confirm their registration. They are then prompted to text in a keyword to a provided long code in order to confirm their wish to receive customized promotional information.