LMG I&C launches in North America

Groupe Aeroplan's consumer trend insight is coming to Toronto.

Toronto- and Chicago-based communications biz LMG Insight & Communication (I&C) is bringing its consumer data analytics tool to give Canadian planners the inside scoop on consumer shopping habits, to inform faster messaging decisions.

Created by Groupe Aeroplan’s Loyalty Management Group, the business started in the U.K. in March 2007 with Sainsbury’s, one of the largest grocery retailers. It provided data insight – demographic profile, household composition and number of retail visits – based on 3 million customer transactions per day to its marketing and merchandising teams in order to help drive sales. Those insights are currently provided to Danone, Nestle and Unilever, among other brands.

Andrew Correll, director of data analytics, communication and media at LMG I&C in the U.K. tells MiC that the data collected can aid in planning, developing and executing campaigns, and examining customers’ changing habits.

In Canada, the company is looking to work with major retailers, including drug and grocery stores, which hope to drive targeted communication with customers.