R&C Media Team adds UVIC loo inventory

The BC-based OOH network adds restroom frames at the University of Victoria to its 18-34 demo reach.

The R&C Media Team has added 70 indoor advertising frames located in a high-traffic University of Victoria (UVIC) building to their out-of-home circuit.

The addition of the restroom ads in the UVIC Student Union Building increases BC-based R&C Media Team’s university network to 200 frames, as they currently have ads in 12 buildings at the Thompson Rivers University campus in Kamloops, BC.

‘It’s one of the busiest buildings on campus, so most of the students visit that building,’ says Bryan Ruck, director of sales, about the reach to UVIC’s 20,000-person student body. Previously the turf belonged to Zoom Media.

Clients that might be interested in restroom ads, which offer a gender-specific and captive 18-34 demographic, are auto, haircare, alcohol or message-type clients like interior health, says Ruck.

The R&C Media Team has about 800 mini billboards in pubs, nightclubs, fitness clubs, colleges and universities and sports arenas around BC. ‘That’s generally the group with disposable income who are spending it,’ says Ruck.

Universities have regulations on advertising, but Ruck says UVIC seems comparatively laid back about the limits. ‘The military one is a bit touchy, possibly,’ he adds.