Mobile users get some Caribbean attitude

Malibu Mobile launches a site fit for techies.

Websites are not enough. If your demo is young, you need to be mobile, according to Cyril Claquin, SVP Global Marketing for Malibu-Kahlua International.

Malibu Rum tapped Toronto-based Vortex Mobile to launch, a site geared towards a tech-savvy and social consumer. On Jan. 31, the site began the first phase of its global launch, targeting of-age young adults between 19 and 24. To insure user-friendliness, the site is optimized for all Internet-ready mobile handsets – regardless of phone type and carrier.

Claquin explains the importance of a mobile platform was made apparent by Malibu’s techie target demo, whose need for mobile access to brand information was un-met by the traditional website

In keeping with Malibu’s brand, the mobile site employs the same playful Caribbean vibe as the existing site. Country-specific content will be added, though common elements include drink recipes and downloadable ringtones and wallpapers. Future content is expected to include a friend-sharing feature, and Malibu expects to use the site for mobile contests and promo launches.