E-flirting with Taco Bell

This Valentine's Day, customers can send tantalizing messages via the fast food chain's website.

Taco Bell is getting hot and heavy-on-the-cheese with an online Valentine’s application that allows customers to send sexy messages to their friends, loved ones or (sadly) themselves.

Written by daytime soap writer Marina Alburger, the collection of free flirty texts, passionate emails, sexy voicemails and steamy video messages come in three heat levels: mild, hot and fire – just like Taco Bell’s Border Sauces. Targeting 18- to 35-year-olds who have a great sense of humour, the QSR backs up its Valentine’s campaign premise by quoting a survey that says 38% of Canadians believe people who like hot sauce are more likely to be adventurous lovers. All of the resulting sauce-relevant applications can be found on the Taco Bell website.

Digital efforts are only about 10 months old for the fast feeder, says Camille Krupa, senior marketing manager for Taco Bell, but it’s a medium that will see more action in 2009. ‘We know that’s where our consumers are interacting. They’re watching TV a little bit less, they’re reading the newspaper a little bit less but they’re definitely online and they’re engaging in the online channels in many different formats,’ Krupa tells MiC.

The videos featuring a sexy Latin man (or woman), the insinuation-heavy letters that say ‘A night sky filled with sparkling diamonds is but a shadow next to you,’ and the more blunt texts ‘UR kiss tickles my tongue like creamy Jalapeño sauce’ are available through February. And those are just considered ‘mild.’