Kangaroo Media hits the PGA Tour

The Montreal-based portable TV provider puts brands into the hands of spectators at prestige golf events.

Kangaroo Media, a Montreal-based handheld TV manufacturer, yesterday announced a four-year partnership with PGA Tour, a Florida-based organization that operates golf tours in more than ten countries, including the RBC Canadian Open in Oakville, Ont. About 3,000 of the Kangaroo TV devices, which are used at live sporting events like NASCAR and NFL, will be available for rent to spectators at 50 PGA events. The TVs enable golf fans trekking the course to also follow live video coverage of the tournament, view course layouts and direct their own on-demand updates on key player stats and scorecards.

Kangaroo is offering sponsorship opportunities for Canadian brands, which can tie in with the replay feature, the leader board, the player scorecard, or run traditional 15- or 30-second commercials. Announcements of which tournaments Kangaroo TV is involved in have not yet been made.

‘You’re literally going to spend four hours with a golf fan walking around the course with this in their hands,’ Ted Wagstaff, VP sales, Kangaroo TV tells MiC. Kangaroo also takes user information before the rentals, so brands can target as many, or as few, users as they want. ‘We know who has our device. So for example…we may know that of the 3,000 devices that are out there, 576 are BMW drivers. We can target messaging just to those 576, or just to one individual,’ he explains.