Talentegg.ca hatches The Incubator

Talentegg.ca's new online magazine provides enhanced career planning information for recent grads and new advertising opportunities for marketers.

Talentegg.ca, an online job source for recent graduates that’s been around since April 2008, has just launched its online career magazine The Incubator (Talentegg.ca/incubator). While Talentegg connects job seekers and employers, The Incubator offers Gen-Y jobseekers advice on career paths, grad school, and general employment issues. The online magazine will also provide a platform for consumer advertising – in addition to its core recruitment ads – to reach the site’s 18-to-24 demo for the first time.

Talentegg.ca has 5,000 recent graduates registered as members and receives 11,000 unique visitors per month. The Incubator, explains Talentegg founder Lauren Friese, ‘will hopefully be a way to keep people on the site longer.’

Previously the only advertising on the website was from employers, but now display advertisers have banner and logo opportunities, and can sponsor individual sections of the site, such as Job Search, Grad Schools and various Career Path sections.

The site features recruitment advertising from over 100 employers, including: Kraft, Molson, Sun Life Financial, BDO Dunwoody and the University Health Network. It also does direct e-mail marketing to its members.