Two big fish networks hook up

North America's only 24-hour fishing network, World Fishing Network (WFN), and Allcoast Media have teamed up for a marketing partnership.

Toronto-based WFN, a 24-hour fishing lifestyle network broadcast across Canada and the US, and New York State-based Allcoast Media, which runs a selection of saltwater fishing websites known as the Allcoast Fishing Networks, are teaming up to promote each other’s brands.

Allcoast’s websites include:,, and Allcoast also produces Nor’East Saltwater, a fishing magazine distributed in tackle shops in the northeastern United States.

‘The advertising community wants to reach the outdoor enthusiast,’ explains WFN VP marketing Chris Doyle. The plan is to combine the television assets that WFN brings to the table in Canada and the U.S., with the online presence of Allcoast media.

The partnership will include content sharing online, via video and blogs. The two are also planning consumer promotions, details of which will be revealed later in the year.