Visa goes artsy

Three installation art pieces unveiled yesterday aim to inspire consumers to reflect on what the 'More people go with Visa' slogan means to them.

In support of its new global brand platform, Visa yesterday introduced three installation artists’ interpretations of the word ‘go.’ ‘The Art of Go’ project aims to intrigue consumers and inspire them to ponder the ‘More people go with Visa’ slogan, and what it means to them, says Brenda Woods, head of marketing at Visa Canada. ‘We wanted to have something that was a physical presence, that people could go and see if they wanted to, but that they could also see online,’ she tells MiC.

Toronto-based OMD handled the buy for the multi-channel campaign, which includes TV spots airing on major and specialty nets, and a magazine print execution that explains the benefits of a Visa Infinite card, explains Woods.

In Toronto, Shayne Dark’s installation, made from hundreds of branches configured into ‘go,’ aims to capture the spontaneity and energy of the word. In Montreal, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay uses inflatable objects in a playful 3D installation displayed in Promenade de la Cathédrale. Meanwhile, Vancouver artist Jill Anholt uses mirrors in her piece titled ‘go forever,’ and invites viewers ‘into a spatial experience that invokes infinite possibilities.’

All pieces can be seen on a live video stream on, and are supported by a Facebook page where consumers can see pictures of artists at work, and a Twitter account. The art, which took weeks to create, will be on display until the end of April, promoted through Visa’s PR efforts.

The ‘More people’ element of the campaign reflects Visa’s core growth strategy – migrating consumer and business spending from cash and cheques to the Visa credit card.