ICOM launches TargetIntel

TargetIntel combines contact and content for a more cohesive marketing database.

Toronto-based ICOM Information and Communications has launched a new databank called TargetIntel. The database provides marketing intelligence based on demographic information from 9.2 million Canadian households.

‘Information is collected through our target source, Shopper’s Voice Survey,’ Kevin Klein, senior director of product and data performance at ICOM, tells MiC. The Shopper’s Voice Survey collects consumer opinions, shopping habits and related information, with which TargetIntel builds models and projections for the database.

The information is divided into a list of 289 variables from age, gender, hobbies, home owner, buying patterns, banking and investments to allergies and travel. (The full list is available on TargetIntel’s data card.)

‘It brings together the two elements that marketers are looking for, contact and content information,’ Klein tells MiC. Klein explains that companies that have existing marketing data files can append them against TargetIntel’s variable list.

TargetIntel will be available in several forms, from a traditional list rental at $80 per 1000 through to data enhancements and data installs, which takes the data base behind companies’ firewall. The company can then use the information for modeling and acquisitions.

Toronto-based Pitney Bowes Business Insight is one client, and 10 other companies have been involved since the release of TargetIntel’s pilot version, Klondike Database in June 2008.