Belle bouches in Quebec

Quirky web campaign promotes young Quebecers' oral hygiene.

A beautiful mouth says beautiful things. That’s the message from L’Orde des dentists du Quebec to young Quebecers in a new French-language campaign conceived by Bleublancrouge in Montreal.

The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of oral hygiene with teenage Quebecers’ through web specific advertising, focusing on having fun rather than the dreaded visit to the dentist. Through banners on Sympatico, Musique Plus, Radio Energie and Vrak Tele, as well as the L’Orde des dentists du Quebec website, curious users will be directed to, a display of many mouths.

‘When you click on a mouth it has a different beautiful message to say,’ Justin Kingsley, VP of Bleublancrouge, tells MiC. Standing in the mouth, a man dressed in dental hygienist scrubs delivers a message of love, regret or a simple ‘have a nice day.’ The messages can then be sent on to friends.

Launched yesterday, the site has already had over 4,000 hits, and will run for a minimum of one year.