BBM explores tech trend uptake among Canadians

The latest report finds podcast and PVR use have doubled.

BBM Analytics recently released the Media Technology Adoption Report, based on the Media Technology Monitor (MTM) 2008 surveys. The report reviews trends of various media technologies in their current life cycle, in the context of consumer adoption. A total of 12,000 Canadians (50% anglophone and 50% francophone) aged 18 and up were surveyed last fall about technology trends, emerging devices, gadgets, satellite radio, video on demand and MP3 players.

BBM Analytics found podcast listening doubled in English Canada since 2006, with one in five people listening to a podcast on a monthly basis last year. The new report attributes the finding to an increase in MP3 players and consumer demand for more personal content – a trend driven further by the increased availability of on-demand content.

The report also shows that the number of PVR owners has doubled in the past two years, with 13% of English Canada owning one, and using it 80% of the time in a typical week. The adoption of HDTV screens also surged, with a 30% increase in one year.