eTalks on CHUM Radio

A new top 20 countdown program launches this weekend, featuring Ben Mulroney and the rest of the eTalk Daily entertainment gossip team.

A new, weekly two-hour radio show counting down Canada’s pop music chart-toppers launches nationally on CHUM Radio this weekend. The program will feature celebrity interviews, the latest in entertainment news and gossip from CTV’s popular eTalk hosts.

E Talk 20 premieres on select radio stations in 11 cities across the country, anchored by station 104.5 Chum FM in Toronto, where it will premiere on Sunday, April 19 at 10 pm. Targeting urban adults aged 18 to 44 with a female skew, the show will also air on regional stations including The Bounce 91.7 in Edmonton and The Beat 94.5 in Vancouver. CHUM stations tend to score highly among the female demographic – according to the latest BBM ratings for 2009, CHUM FM in Toronto holds a lock on females aged 25 to 54 with a 16% share of hours tuned weekly. In Edmonton the share for the same demo is 11.5% and for Vancouver it’s 8.6%.

Lifestyle brands are ideal sponsors for the show, which can be incorporated through a variety of vehicles, says Rob Farina, VP programming, CHUM Radio. A leading multi-vitamin company has signed on as a sponsor, he adds.

Host Ben Mulroney, who co-created E Talk 20 with producer Trevor Hammond, says the show will bring the same kind of star wattage to the radio as eTalk does on TV. ‘Now we can continue the dialogue with CHUM listeners throughout the weekends on a different medium with a brand they know and trust,’ Mulroney says, in a release.