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Honda gets insightful for Earth Day

To help launch its Insight 2010 hybrid, Honda gears up with a 'Blue Skies for Our Children' campaign launching today with TV, print, online banner and POS ads, elevator wraps and digital brochures.

To reestablish itself as a leader in the environmental space, Honda is using the launch of its 2010 Insight hybrid to cut a swath through the greenwashing clutter with a campaign to keep the skies blue for the kiddies.

The ‘Blue Skies for Our Children’ effort launches today, Earth Day, with TV, print, online banner and POS ads, elevator wraps and digital brochures, all part of a media buy by PHD. It looks more to the bigger environmental picture, unlike the Insight’s US launch, which predominantly focuses on the vehicle and its attributes, minus the ‘Blue Skies’ messaging.

The real cornerstone of the campaign story is its microsite, which is divided into three sections: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Each one offers a unique look at Honda’s ongoing legacy of pioneering environmental innovation, as seen through the eyes of children, Earth’s custodians in waiting.

Today draws focus to the 2010 Insight – ‘the hybrid for everyone’ – as further proof of Honda’s green-geared leadership, as well as some of its other, more surprising green products, like a hybrid snow blower. Tomorrow features interviews with kids, using their visions to symbolically illustrate the road that Honda strives to take. The web interviews ultimately provided the groundwork for the TV executions, so even the creative is green.

‘We wanted to talk about these innovations through the lens of children because children are dreamers, children are optimists, and really, for us, embodied this ‘power of dreams’ notion, which is Honda’s global tagline,’ explains Jon Finkelstein, partner, creative at Grip Limited, who developed the campaign. ‘They’re not jaded, they don’t have a sense of ennui and they do have the sense that anything’s possible if you put your mind to it.’