And the national survey says! TV delivers ads best

In a recent TVB-commissioned study that looked at Canadian attitudes to the power of media in delivering ad messages, television outperformed radio, print, out-of-home and the Internet among all age groups surveyed.

Canadians see television as the most powerful ad-carrying media source according to a recent online report conducted by Angus Reid Strategies and commissioned by the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB).

Given the choice of all current media platforms – radio, newspaper, magazine, Internet, OOH and television – Canadians surveyed (aged 18+) said they saw the tube as the single most influential, effective and persuasive medium carrying ads. 73.4% of adults surveyed (18+) said they saw the small screen as the most powerful advertising media source, followed by the Internet at 9.2%, newspaper at 9%, radio at 2.4%, magazines at 2% and OOH at 1.7% according to the online survey conducted last month (May 20) among 1,000 randomly selected Canadian adults from its panel.

In a recent release, TVB president and CEO Theresa Treutler says the findings ‘should come as no surprise to advertisers who have anchored their multi-platform campaigns on television,’ adding that ‘television continues to be the base on which advertisers build brands and drive consumer response.’

The research, which also contains actual ‘reach’ and ‘time spent’ data extracted from the latest Spring BBM Analytics RTS database, found TV superseding other media in reach, albeit at closer margins, with television at 87.8%, followed by radio at 81.5%, Internet at 66.8%, newspaper at 51.6% and magazines at 33.4% among the 18+ group.

In terms of average per capita weekly time spent with the various forms of media among the same group (18+), the BBM Analytics RTS data clocked television in at 24.6 hours, radio at 19.3, the Internet at 15.9, newspaper at 2.8 and magazines at 0.3.

Margins were closer among the 18 to 34 demo, with BBM data showing an 83.5% reach for TV, Internet at 82.4%, radio at 76.2%, newspaper at 34% and magazine at 26.8%. Actual average weekly time spent per capita among the 18 to 34 demo found the Internet leading the media pack with 23.9 hours spent, followed by television at 20.9 hours, radio at 15, newspaper at 1.1 and magazine at 0.2.

Full results of the report can be found here.