CASSIES seeks ‘Success Despite the Recession’

New awards category to honour campaigns that specifically counter the effects of the recession.

The CASSIES advertising awards show has added a new category, reflective of the current economic times, called Success Despite the Recession. Those considered for the award must have a business result period that runs for six months or longer, but the results don’t have to be as strong as they are for other similar categories such as Off to a Good Start, for example. A good result could include ‘holding’ market position in preparation for better times.

‘After every recession, there are great examples of how companies have weathered the storm and emerged ready to take advantage of better times. We felt that the CASSIES needed to encourage and acknowledge these cases, and that is the purpose of this new category,’ says David Leonard, DDB Canada president and chair of this year’s CASSIES, in a release. ‘There are great stories out there of impressive decision-making in difficult times, and this category is designed to give them the recognition they deserve.’

Entries for the new category for the January 2010 awards show, which are due July 23, must have started in mid-2008 or later (campaigns from Jan 2009 into late May or June 2009 are also accepted). The argument should be constructed in view of decisions made to deal with the recession. Success Despite the Recession is for situations where the results, on the surface, may not be as strong, but they are still impressive when the pressures of the recession are taken into account. A spokesperson for the awards says the award was created specifically for the times; thus it might be a one-time category.