ReForest London launches online contest for trees

The London, ON.-based non-profit's Amazing Tree Quest invites users to share their pics and stories of the Forest City's trees.

ReForest London, a London, ON.-based non-profit that aims to promote the planting and caring for trees in the city, has launched an online contest. The Amazing Tree Quest invites users to upload pictures and stories of their favourite trees in a variety of catergories, such as neighbourhood landmark, spookiest, best story, greatest survivor, largest in circumference, tallest, and for kids, show and tell tree time and favourite schoolyard tree. Additionally, users can vote for their favourite submission, with the top-ranking tree winning the People’s Choice award. The contest started at the beginning of June and runs until the end of this month. The winners will be announced in September.

The aim of the contest is to promote the importance of trees within people’s lives. ‘We want people to look around their own neighbourhoods and think about which trees are special to them. The hope [is] that, when people appreciate the value that trees have in their lives, they’ll take better care of the trees and they’ll plant more,’ Julie Ryan, executive director of ReForest London tells MiC.

The contest is being supported in a variety of ways. Printed promotional material, including posters, bookmarks and newspaper ads in the Londoner and the London Free Press was designed by Louise Gadbois of the University of Western Ontario’s Graphic Design Services, and directs people to the contest website, which was designed pro bono by London-based Rtraction.

The contest is also being supported on a variety of online channels. The organization has created a Facebook group and a Twitter feed. It has also asked over a dozen London-based organizations to carry a link to the contest on their websites. ReForest London is also targeting London tourism, summer events and community interests via Google PPC advertising. ‘As opposed to just being environmental action or awareness, we’re going with a broader range of terms,’ says Bill Wittur, managing director of Bottree Digital Services, which also donated services to coordinate the PPC advertising and digital strategy.

According to Wittur, web traffic to ReForest London’s web page has increased five fold since the launch of the contest. Sponsors for the Amazing Tree Quest include Clintar Groundskeeping, London Life, The London Free Press and Green Side Up. Prizes include a digital camera, lawn care services and of course, trees.