CBC raises parenting website

The pubcaster offers parents a resource to explore kids' media and advertisers a way to target parents.

The CBC family is expecting and the targeted due date is Sept. 1. That’s when the public broadcaster is set to launch CBC.ca/parents, a site that will provide parents with expert advice with an emphasis on media. The site will aim to provide expert opinion on topics such as television, the Internet and gaming as they relate to children. There will even be an area for parents to play games to gain a better understanding of what their kids are up to with regards to technology.

The site also has developmental psychologist Lynn Oldershaw, a former frequent contributor to Today’s Parent, on staff. Oldershaw’s first article will cover children’s emotional intelligence and television.

The site will be used to inform parents about CBC Kids’ offerings, but content won’t be limited to the broadcaster’s properties. ‘Certainly we’ll feature what we’re doing, but it won’t only be CBC content,’ Jennifer Burkitt, executive in charge of interactive content at CBC, tells MiC. ‘We’ll talk about, for instance, research that’s going on in the world of gaming. We’ll talk about music, we’ll talk about children’s television.’

The site will offer traditional online advertising, such as banners and sponsored sections. CBC is also open to building areas of the site for sponsors. ‘If a sponsor wanted to build a section about kids and health or something like that, then we would go out and find experts that can provide that content for us.’ But Burkitt emphasizes that the site is not interested in doing advertorials. ‘We just want to make sure that it would have some sort of journalistic merit,’ says Burkitt.