New reality show gets DebtMonkey on its back

The debt management company is sponsoring the pilot due to air Saturday on Global.

Clean Slate, a new reality show pilot set to air this Saturday at 12:30 pm on Global, has enlisted debt management company as a sponsor, which arranged the buy with the producers, Toronto-based Re:Source Media. The half-hour show features three couples competing in real-world financial challenges for a $10,000 prize, and is hosted by TV, radio and newspaper personality Cheryll Gillespie.

There are future opportunities for sponsorship and brand integration, according to Clean Slate‘s marketing rep, Ron Baker, president of funding and sponsorship agency AVP. ‘There’s several potential sponsors waiting in the wings to see what the pilot’s like.’ Most of the sponsorship interest has been from financial institutions, according to Baker, who adds that the show has been described as a cross between The Apprentice and The Amazing Race.