Bacardi mixes with eTalk and TIFF

Toronto's Lower Bay subway station is being transformed into a luxury lounge tomorrow night for the premiere party of Harry Brown, and to celebrate the first partnership of Grey Goose and Soho House in Canada.

As part of the first appearance of the Grey Goose and Soho House partnership in Canada, the brands are hosting the official premiere party of Harry Brown by transforming the Lower Bay subway station into a pop-up club furnished with pieces imported from Manhattan’s Soho House. Grey Goose global brand ambassador Dimitri Lezinska has also flown in from London to serve his custom cocktail collection to celebrity guests expected to attend the event.

‘Aligning Grey Goose with the Soho House brand and the TIFF property is a natural fit, especially given the partnership’s previous success at other exclusive events such as Cannes,’ Daniel Pilas, brand director, total imports & RPV for Bacardi Canada tells MiC. ‘The two brands complement one another as they both leverage the key values of celebrity, luxury and style. What people will see Saturday is those elements being brought to life in a unique and interesting way.’

Bacardi has also introduced a partnership this year with eTalk which spans on-air, online and in print through the release of the Grey Goose eTalk Festival Guide. ‘By aligning with the foremost celebrity media program in Canada,’ says Pilas, ‘it allows the brand to better reach its target consumer and amplify our presence throughout the festival.’

In addition, Bacardi has secured a ‘GreyGooseInsider’ to write about ‘all things festival’ throughout the duration of TIFF – not only will he be reviewing the films, but also covering all the parties and events around town, and can be followed at or via Twitter @TheGooseInsider.