UBC hopes to connect with foreign students

A new campaign to attract international students uses a social media dashboard to let potential candidates see what life at the BC school is really like.

In an effort to stand out amongst the plethora of universities available to international students, the University of British Columbia launched a new campaign this week using social media to help shed light on what life is like at the school’s BC campuses.

The centerpiece of the campaign, created by Tribal DDB in Vancouver, is a new site, ConnectionsForLife.ubc.ca, featuring a UBC-themed social media dashboard. Created by Tribal DDB using Netvibes technology and similar in format to Tweetdeck, it consolidates UBC mentions and feeds from YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and UBC corporate and public blogs into one easily navigable tool.

The goal of including the new tech was to help give people a genuine feel for what’s going on at the school and what people are talking about, for those thinking about enrolling and those who already have.

‘The purpose of the social media dashboard is to integrate all the conversations that people are having online as they relate to UBC, in an effort to be as transparent as possible,’ Tribal DDB CD Josh Fehr tells MiC. ‘It enables the prospective student an at-a-glance view of UBC in the social media community, and acknowledges that UCB’s brand is reflected in how it is interpreted by real people.’