ConAgra Foods hyper-targets hungry office workers

A media campaign introducing Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers to the Canadian market includes online and digital screen ads timed to target workers between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., bus decals on targeted routes and prime-time TV.

Introducing its frozen entrée into the Canadian market, Nebraska-headquartered ConAgra foods is hyper-targeting the busy, health-conscious consumer with ads that will reach them during stomach-grumbling lunchtime hours as they surf the web or take the office elevator, as well as after work during prime-time TV.

In a new campaign launched recently for Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers that will run through to the spring, the media campaign, handled by Toronto-based Starcom, includes digital signage ads in office towers throughout Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. ConAgra is targeting women because they buy more than 75 units of frozen meals per year, says Annabelle Nogueira, Healthy Choice brand manager at ConAgra.

‘We know that a lot of consumers, instead of taking lunch, are online [or] doing other stuff, and they forget to have a lunch,’ Nogueira tells MiC. A survey conducted by Angus Reid for the brand said one in five Canadians don’t take a lunch break at all. This is why online ads for the Gourmet Steamers will appear between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on sites like, and Bus decals are also placed on routes that, according to data from Nielsen Spectra, have ‘heavy users’ of frozen meals segmented by postal code, says Nogueira.

But the bulk of the consumers will be reached through television, where spots created by Leo Burnett featuring a green bean and a steak strip relaxing in a sauna will air across specialty and television networks, during shows like Dancing With the Stars, CSI and House.

‘We know that the bulk of our consumers are going to be reached through television. It is by far and away the fastest and quickest way to get the message out to our consumers. And 96% of our consumers are going to watch this on average 29 times,’ Nogueira says.