Scrapbooking is hot, blogs Paris Hilton

Montreal-based Wooky Entertainment is launching a series of new arts and crafts products with glittery approval from the world's most famous socialite, Paris Hilton, who will promote the Creativity Collection on her blog and Twitter pages.

Paris Hilton wants to connect with tweens who would rather bedazzle jewelry boxes than straighten their hair with a new line of stationery and crafts products from Montreal-based Wooky Entertainment. The Creativity Collection features scrapbook pads, iron-on rhinestones and photo albums, designed to exude Hilton’s preference for all things pink, cute and shiny, launched this week online and in-store at Zellers.

Wooky Entertainment was started two years ago because the company saw a shortage of products in the toy market that target youths aged 14 to 25, says Genevieve Lecompte, VP sales and marketing, Wooky Entertainment. ‘We sell international and we wanted to have someone that is well-known everywhere. Of course Paris’s name came up. We travel a lot and every country that we go to, everyone knows her,’ says Lecompte, about the Creativity Collection, which has been a year and a half in the making.

Hilton will promote the product on her Twitter page, which has more than 1.166 million followers. In between updates on her mundane, everyday activities like photo shoots and TV appearances, Hilton will share her passion for personalizing her belongings. She will also write about the product in a monthly blog on, and invite users to join the fan club hosted on

Zellers will prominently feature Creativity in-store on shalving endcaps, Lecompte tells MiC. Wooky Entertainment sells their products in more than 14 countries, but the Hilton crafts are currently only available in Canada and the US.

Hilton, who recently launched her ninth fragrance and a hair-styling product that that both straightens and curls, wants to share with young girls the importance of self-esteem.

‘I hope my collection will inspire young women and give them a greater sense of accomplishment and self confidence,’ Hilton says, in a release.