Globe and Mail goes big for small biz

The newspaper has launched a mini-media network targeted at small businesses under the banner Your Business, including a website, rebranding of its small biz magazine and creative a dedicated section in the paper.

The Globe and Mail is reaching out to small business owners and entrepreneurs with a host of new media products targeted at that audience.

Starting this week, the newspaper has dedicated a new section of the Business channel on its website to small business, called Your Business. It will also rebrand the Report on [Small] Business magazine as Your Business magazine and it will soon launch a ‘Your Business’ page in the Business section of the newspaper.

The website will be the hub of the new initiative, featuring topical content targeted at business owners and those just starting up, as well as social media functionality to encourage readers to interact with the site’s editor and with each other. Content will be organized into sub-channels such as leadership, finance, taxation, innovation and technology, and targeted advertising opportunities will be available to tie in with each channel.

‘Advertisers can be located in the areas that best fit their audience’s business life cycle and sectors,’ Andrew Saunders, VP, ad sales, the Globe and Mail, said in a release.

Opportunities include video, sponsorship, content partnerships and promotions, microsites, and tactical advertising and e-mail programs, the release stated.

The magazine will be re-launched in March with the support of a partnership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) in which 75,000 copies will be distributed to members, in addition to the 80,000 copies sent out with newspaper subscriptions.