Enter the Dragon at this year’s CMDC conference

Think Bruce Lee would back down from this? Make like a (media-selling) martial arts star and step into the ring with a panel of veteran media buyers at the Dragons' Den-style CMDC event this year.

If you think CBC’s Dragons’ Den can be rough on contestants, just wait till you see what the CDMC has in store for media sellers at this year’s conference.

As feature event in the conference schedule, the Canadian Media Directors Council has planned a Dragons’ Den-style event in which media sellers will be invited to pitch a panel of veteran media buyers and planners on their latest and greatest concepts and ideas.

Moderated by the show host Dianne Buckner, the goal of the event is to allow the conference audience to experience a real-life media pitch session, allowing them to get a sense of the media buyer and seller relationship and learn about new media products and opportunities.

The event takes place April 8 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and will feature speakers such as principal Microsoft researcher Bill Buxton, the Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown and Kenneth Whyte of Maclean’s magazine.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Channel Changers: Culture Content and Congestion,’ and the day-long schedule of events will focus on the theme of breaking through in a crowded media marketplace.

Over 800 industry professionals are expected to attend. If you think you’d like to step into the ring, contact CDMC executive director Janet Callaghan.