Warner Home Video delivers trailers with extra toppings

Warner Home Video ads on everyone's favourite cardboard box include quick-response codes linked to movie trailers.

Canadians who order a pizza from their favourite mom-and-pop pizzeria over the next four weeks are going to receive an ‘extra topping’ with their delivery box: free movie clips promoting the new Warner Home Video DVD and Blu-ray titles Halo Legends and Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths.

Working directly with Vancouver-based agency Fresh Tracks Media, Warner Home Video has tagged 43,000 large pizza boxes with two ‘EZ codes’ that, when scanned with the ‘Scan Life’ Blackberry and iPhone app, will launch the trailers on the phones. Fresh Tracks works with one of Canada’s leading pizza-box distributors, and the boxes are mainly sold to independent pizzerias.

Pizza boxes can be a breakthrough media tool, Fresh Tracks Media marketing director Golnaz Mindell tells MiC.

‘[The advertising] is delivered right into the hands of consumers in their homes, so it’s in their face,’ she explains. ‘There’s also a lot of room on the box for the advertiser to deliver whatever message they’re talking about, and it lasts on average for an hour, because that’s how long the pizza meal lasts.’

The Warner Home Video promotion launches Jan. 27 to capitalize on the upcoming Super Bowl festivities.

‘It is targeted to males 18 to 34, so the Super Bowl was a perfect fit,’ Mindell says. ‘The Super Bowl is the biggest pizza-eating occasion in Canada.’