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Swamps and spirits infiltrate Discovery

The channel debuts two new reality shows in February, giving viewers a peek at life in the American South.

Going head to head with the Olympics, Discovery Channel is seeking to grab eyeballs with two freaky new reality shows debuting mid-February.

Ghost Lab, debuting Saturday, Feb. 13, at 8 p.m. ET, features Texas siblings Brad and Barry Klinge chasing all things supernatural. The title of the 13-part series revolves around a seven-metre long ‘ghost lab’ that supplies 200,000 watts of electricity and includes power audio, video and photo analysis stations. In their pursuit of the paranormal, the duo visits several US locations including Tombstone, AZ and Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in Louisiana.

Less bogged down in the spirit world is Discovery’s second reality series, Swamp Loggers. Launching Tuesday, Feb. 16. at 10 p.m. ET, this four-part import follows North Carolina resident Bobby Goodson’s career in salvaging high-value timber from the swamp. Along the way a freak snowstorm, some bad weather and a struggling economy threaten his family business, Goodson All Terrain, that must deliver 20 loads a day to the mill to keep financially afloat.

Both shows are aimed at the channel’s 18-to-54 target demo and will be promoted on-air and online at DiscoveryChannel.ca.