Correction: Porsche OOH

MiC sets the record straight on a story run last week on Porsche's latest campaign.

In an issue of MiC last week, a story ran that incorrectly stated that a new campaign by Porsche was the first to use OOH media to promote the brand.

In fact, Porsche ran a very successful OOH campaign in 1988 that many of you might remember. It was a superboard located in major Canadian cities for the Porsche 944S. The board featured the text ‘Introducing the Porsche 944S’ with skid marks burning through the superboard’s borders – with not a glimpse of the actual model in sight.

The ad was art directed by Toronto-based advertising industry professional Peter Day, as part of a DDB campaign for the brand. It won numerous awards and helped Porsche sell out of its 944S inventory in a mere three weeks.

Porsche would like to clarify that while the ad was not the first-ever OOH execution for Porsche as a brand, it was the first OOH execution for the brand under its current corporate structure.

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