Yorkdale puts shoppers in the app of luxury

In addition to helping shoppers find parking at the busy shopping centre, Yorkdale's new mobile app keeps shoppers up to date on the latest sales and promotions.

Situated right off the highway, Yorkdale Shopping Centre has some of the swankiest retail brand lineups of any mall in Toronto, and as such, one of its busiest parking lots as well. So in order to make finding deals in those swanky shops easier, the shopping centre has unveiled its new mobile app for iPhones and BlackBerrys.

Launched today, the ‘App of Luxury,’ as Yorkdale dubs it, includes a find-a-parking-spot feature that is tied into the mall’s live parking management system, showing smartphone users where open areas of the lot are. Similarly, it also includes an in-mall ‘wayfinding’ feature that allows users to easily find a store they’re looking for, and if they are iPhone users, say where they are and have the app direct them to the store they’d like to find. There is also a one-touch ‘call for valet’ feature, if a shopper is so inclined.

The app also includes several promotional features for its retailers as well, such as fashion ‘modules,’ which outline key trends of the season and different places in the mall where you can find examples of each trend, and a store directory that also includes up-to-date information about store promotions.

‘Our regular shoppers want to know what’s happening with stores they’re engaged with,’ Yvette Bernard, interactive media specialist, Yorkdale at Oxford Properties Group, tells MiC. ‘So they can make a store a ‘favourite’ and keep track of the promotions there.’

The app, developed by Toronto’s Mobile Fringe, will be promoted to consumers with display ads on GlobeandMail.com and Globe and Mail mobile, with in-mall signage – Yorkdale gets 20 million shoppers annually – and through its newly relaunched website, which had two million visitors last year according to Google Analytics and ClickTracks (Lyris HQ).

Creative for both the print elements and online media was handled by G Plus in Toronto.

The app is available through Yorkdale.com.