Recipe site freshens up

The busy-mom-targeted site is opening up new brand integration opportunities as it debuts a refreshed look and more interactive features.

French-language cooking website is looking to capture the busy-moms-who-like-to-cook market with a fresh new look and new interactive features.

Targeting females aged 35 to 55, the website is owned by and features an archive of recipes that is updated monthly with approximately 75 new dishes from Quebec-based publications Coup de pouce, Madame and Saveurs du monde. While the partnerships between and those magazines have existed for quite some time, the website now features a number of new ways that advertisers can work with the site, and users can navigate through, and interact with, content.

New advertising possibilities include brand integration opportunities that will see the site work with advertisers in a host of new ways. Brand-created-recipe integrations will be available, as well as sponsorships of meal categories (such as ‘soup’) and ingredient categories (‘beef’), which will come with the option of site dominations or advertiser exclusivity as well. Display opportunities can also be customized via the new main slider on the site, Genevieve Landry, product manager, lifestyle,, tells MiC. receives an average of 100,000 unique views per month, and an average of 700,000 page views per month (all numbers ComScore), numbers which Sympatico is hoping to grow through the relaunch, Landry says. Currently, advertising of the relaunched site is limited to promotion, but there may be further plans to advertise the site in the future, she adds.

The relaunch is based on three years of data collection, she explains, looking at exactly what kinds of recipes people were accessing on the site. While it previously contained user-generated recipes as well as those from their partner publications, the data revealed that their target demo preferred tested recipes to those contributed by site users.

‘People love user-generated content, it works well in Quebec. But on our site, they don’t have time to test the recipes. [Our audience] wanted something tested,’ she explains. ‘We’re not targeting big foodies or epicureans here – there are sites that are reaching that audience very well. We wanted to be simple and quick, and have the types of recipes that please the whole family.’