New York Fries calls out annoying FB friends

A New York Fries campaign attempts to put an end to incessant commenting and shirtless party photos - while engaging the brand's Facebook fan base.

Everyone has annoying Facebook friends – those who find humour in dreadful Funny Photo Widgets, or who are eternally expressing that they CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY.

New York Fries wants to put a stop to such annoying behaviour with a new Facebook campaign called the ‘New York Fries Call Out,’ developed by Toronto-based Zig.

About 16 different plaques have been developed on the brand’s Facebook page, which has about 7,500 members, describing strange activities such as posting too many shirtless photos, incessant commenting and newsfeeds dominated by the latest pumpkin patch improvement.

The FB group will be promoted in-store with tray liners and ads on fries cups, but the main promotional strategy is for the campaign to go viral as individuals who are tagged in the photos visit the site and choose from one of ‘Call Out’ images, explains Chris Hayes, strategic planner, Zig.

‘The brand voice that we’ve developed over the past number of years allows us to get in the space of being very straightforward with our audience. We don’t need to speak with them with what you would necessarily call marketing speak,’ Hayes tells MiC, about the campaign’s tongue-in-cheek tone designed to target group’s 18- to 25-year-old core demo.

‘The primary goal is engagement. We have these fans and we recognize that we need to be participating with them on a regular basis with new and interesting stuff, and so this fits into that strategy,’ Hayes says.