Toronto – G20 host with a toast, from Mott’s Clamato

A new cocktail named World Welcomer was created to honour the city stepping up to host the G20 in the ongoing Mott's Clamato campaign naming the Caesar as Canada's National Cocktail.

There are enough people who loathe the G20 and G8 summits to justify a $1 billion security bill, and Torontonians are already seeing their daily commute disrupted by protesters.

But some also believe that having world leaders on Canadian soil is great PR for the country and that Canada is doing a great job with the setup – including Mott’s Clamato, which is launching a Caesar named World Welcomer in honour of the event.

While focused on PR, social media is the main media driver behind the Mott’s ‘National Cocktail’ campaign, which has been running in different guises since 2009. This month marked the end of the search for the leader of the Mott’s-created National Cocktail Party – an online drive to recruit nominations – and to keep the political flavour going, this month will see a promotional push for the World Welcomer that includes a private tasting event for media, bloggers and select Twitter followers, on June 28, and further promotion of the new recipe on the Mott’s Clamato Facebook page.

The brand, owned by Canada Dry Mott’s, is continuing to gather support for its PR push to have the Caesar recognized as Canada’s National Cocktail, the petition for which is located on the microsite (which is promoted on Facebook and in-store signage).

The seach for the leader of Canada’s National Cocktail party – which started May 20 and wrapped mid-June – received over 100 entries, increasing the brand’s Facebook membership by 50% in the one-month push (currently there are about 3,300 Facebook fans).