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App-etite: Girlworks goes where girls are

Girlworks magazine publisher Janet Kim explains the strategy behind the development of an iPad app for their digi-savvy target demo.

A Canadian magazine targeting teen girls, Girlworks recently launched an iPad app to help expand its reach to the digital sphere. And although iPads haven’t reached mass saturation, publisher Janet Kim tells MiC that they wanted to be out of the gate first. Their target demo, she notes, ‘demands portable digital’ information, and as such, the app is available for iPhones as well.

Developed by Girlworks Media and available for $1.99 at the Apple iTunes store, the Girlworks app currenly includes the same advertisers as its print edition (a free media extension to the print buy) but app-only opps are also available. Here, Kim explains the strategy behind the app’s development.

Tell us about your app: What does it do and why did you develop it?
Our app is a digital version of the magazine. We developed it because Girlworks Media started to produce content just as Apple was launching its iPad, which was purposeful. Since we are not jeopardizing print revenue, which is also building, it was the perfect time for us to launch a digital version.

Who is your target demographic or psychographic?
Our target demographic is girls and young women aged 11 to 17, but our key audience are girls aged 12 to 15.

How will this app be promoted to consumers?
To date, [the goal] was to offer the app as a free download to over 5,000 people. It is also promoted in our print offering.

What is your media strategy here? Why do you think this app will appeal to your particular target audience?
Our target audience spends more time online than anywhere else, be it with print or television. We feel strongly that reading devices such as the iPad will become ‘the norm’ over the next decade – even in the classroom.

What makes your app stand out in the crowd?
We’re first to get the product to this demographic in this format. Our app isn’t flashy – it’s informative.

Will this app continue to be developed going forward? In what ways?
Yes, we are awaiting the development of HTML5 and also new versions of Adobe’s Flash so that other forms of media can be developed specifically for Apple. Our developer, Pixel Mags, is also developing our publication for Google’s Android platform. We also want to offer advertisers more interactive advertising, web links, options to view or order products through our publication.