Telus gets smart about smartphones

The telco unveils a new critter and adds a human touch to its newest campaign, promoting its latest device lineup and a smart cell phone experience.

Telus wants to help consumers smarten up. A new mass campaign launching Aug. 4, introducing Telus’ latest line of devices, will also tout how it can help people upgrade their smartphone experience, a first for the company. It will aim to renew Telus’ core brand focus of providing simplicity and transparency by helping customers understand the increased benefits of using a smartphone. To spread the word, Telus chose one of the smartest members of the animal kingdom, the dolphin.

‘Our message is around a greater, smarter mobile experience and there’s no smarter animal than the dolphin,’ says Anne-Marie LaBerge, VP, brand and marketing communications, Telus.

A TV spot will depict the dolphin interacting with complicated equations written on a transparent wall. The words of the background song appropriately point out that ‘all of the answers are right in front of you,’ and upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the equations are made up of telco-related acronyms.

‘We need to simplify the language and this is about us saying, ‘We’re going to re-own our brand,” says LaBerge.

A gesture-controlled digital screen in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, plus cinema, mall and airport ads, online banners, radio, print, bus kings and a subway domination, will also be included in the effort.

QR codes will be featured on the print and OOH portion of the dolphin campaign, which will drive to a website creatively helmed by a related concurrent campaign. It will feature a human character (Telus’ second) by the name of Pat Prefontaine. Described by Telus as a cross between Tony Robbins and the Dos Equis and Old Spice guys, he’s a man who was raised by dolphins following a harrowing airplane crash as a young boy.

Prefontaine will appear in two 15-second TV spots. In one, he leaps onto a dock by way of a dolphin ride, strips off a wetsuit to reveal perfectly groomed business attire and shares with Canadians his ‘Five Steps to a smarter smartphone life.’

‘Those five things, they all sound fun, but they all directly link with Telus’ strategy to enhance the customer experience,’ explains LaBerge.
Prefontaine will also be promoted by way of online ads and DM, driving back to the microsite. A Facebook page will complement both components, which were developed by Taxi’s Toronto and Montreal offices, with media handled by Media Experts in Toronto.