ABC releases mobile audit report

Publishers can use the new, standardized report to provide advertisers with audited mobile usage stats.

Any mobile publisher can now have its data audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ interactive unit (ABCi) as the organization yesterday announced it has released a new mobile audit reporting system.

The m.Audit Report will provide advertisers with detailed, audited mobile statistics such as audience by device type, audience by date and time of day, the access point that the user used to engage with the information (app, mobile browser or e-reader), the number of unique visitors and page views.

‘Publishers that wish to issue an m.Audit Report will engage ABCi to review their mobile usage data,’ says Kammi Altig, manager, communications, ABC. ‘Publishers can also incorporate their audited mobile data on one of ABC’s other multimedia reporting options,’ she tells MiC.

ABC has recently announced that it is working with Handmark and Verve Wireless to audit content delivered by these mobile app developers. These two companies have already undergone a review by an ABCi auditor to ensure their systems meet industry guidelines and have the appropriate controls in place, explains Altig.

The new report, developed in collaboration with ABC’s Digital Advisory Committees in both Canada and the US, is designed to be flexible so that publishers can customize the reports to meet the specific needs of their buyers, Altig says.

‘For example, the report could be customized to only feature mobile app usage or to feature additional metrics like social media usage,’ she explains.